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Sonic Night Music Announces Summer/Fall Tour Dates Featuring WAR OF THRONES, KILLING GRACE And KIN

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, June 19, 2019 – Sonic Night Music announces summer/fall tour dates featuring WAR OF THRONES, KILLING GRACE and KINLIN.



WAR OF THRONES 22 Johnny Gs Lakeland, FL

WAR OF THRONES/KILLING GRACE 28 Shagnastys Huntsville, AL

WAR OF THRONES/KILLING GRACE 29 Nash Vegas Bar Hermitage, TN

KINLIN 28 Average Joes Jupiter, FL

KINLIN 29 Cagneys Davie, FL


WAR OF THRONES 6 Brass Mug Tampa, FL


WAR OF THRONES 14-17 Sabaton Open Air Fest Falun, Sweden


WAR OF THRONES 12 Blackthorn 51 Queens, NY


WAR OF THRONES 15-17 Live Fest Inglis, FL


Forged in steel, WAR OF THRONES was formed when iconic vocalist Wade Black (Crimson Glory, Leatherwolf, Leash Law, Seven Witches, Clockwork Revolution, Vivaldi Metal Project) and virtuoso guitarist Rick Renstrom (Rob Rock, Vivaldi Metal Project) joined forces in 2012. Joining Wade and Rick is bass player Rich Marks (Vivaldi Metal Project) who delivers a booming low end and virtuosic moving lines along with former Yngwie Malmsteen drummer Patrick Johansson behind the drumkit.

“5.0 out of 5.0. Conflict In Creation is one of those albums that keeps getting better as you get into it; each track seems better than the last. It is among the best work I have heard from these musicians. Do yourself a favour and check this band out!” Alex Yarborough – KNAC.COM

“90 out of 100. Conflict In Creation is a force of nature that will catch the hearts and respect of fans.” Phoenix Van Der Weyden – Metal To Infinity

“Conflict In Creation is ambitious, powerful, well crafted… an album US metal lovers will certainly love.” Sandro Buti – Loud And Proud

“80 out of 100. An excellent album and mandatory listening for all who like to listen to heavy metal.” Jori – Lords of Metal


Killing Grace is not afraid to genre bend with straight-up southern rock like “One Finger Salute” or something more hard-core as ‘Screaming In Silence”. From the slamming and revved-up track “Say My Name” and groove anthem “Living Like A Suicide”, to the melodic and progressive ‘Take Me With You”, this new release has something for everyone.

“Progressive, Melodic, Metal, it’s all here with a slamming Punch!” – David LaDuke, BallBusterMusic.

“Traditional hard rock…heavy metal to grunge and even a bit of nu metal…they have a modern approach (that) can’t be denied” – Metal To Infinity

“Killing Grace have clearly established themselves as the future of metal” - Johnny Grijalva, The Dirty Room Magazine.

“These guys rock and sure know how to write a track with catchy riffs backed up with great vocals” – Valley FM 89.5 Radio Station

“The band’s fans are near cult-like” – Hard Rock Press


2013 Music City Mayhem Award winners for Best Hard Rock Band and People’s Choice 2014 NIMA Award winners for Best Hard Rock Band 2015 Nomination in the NIMA Awards for Best Hard Rock Band. 2016 NIMA Award winners for Best Hard Rock/Metal Band 2016 NIMA Award winners for Rock Album of the Year 2016 Deli Online Poll - Best Emerging Hard Rock/Metal Artist

2017 NIMA Award winners for Best Hard Rock/Metal Band 2017 NIMA Award winners for Rock Album of the Year


South Florida’s KINLIN is back with a vengeance and bringing it down heavy with their third powerful release, The Last Stand, which some are describing as “in your face and the return of old school hard rock music”!

“Kinlin is where current American hard rock should be going” – Dangerdog Music Reviews

“What ‘Kinlin’ have done is thrown in all their musical influences such as ‘Ozzy’, ‘Pantera’, ‘Disturbed’, and ‘Soundgarden’ into the pot and have achieved a fresh sound as well as a monster piece of work” – Rocktopia

“These guys really know how to mix it up, a journey through powerful beats and more laid back melodies. Great musicianship with strong vocals” - Overload Radio, Wales, UK

“Awash with crunching riffs and aggressive vocals” – Fireworks Magazine

“The set is very tight and filled with hooks and likely to expand the band’s fan base greatly.” Anti Music – Kevin Weirbicki


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